Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dolphin Latch Hook Rug Kit

I was given a dolphin latch hook kit when I was a teenager. Amazingly, it is still for sale (after at least 10years)!

I fondly remember many evenings spent in front of the TV, surrounded my family as I happily made knot after knot, line after line. It was very simple to make, and I found it a very therapeutic task. The canvas was printed with the pattern, the wool threads were all cut to size and there were several bunches with all the colours tightly wrapped, to avoid losing them. If you have never tried doing any latch hook kits, I fully recommend it. It is very repetitive work, but seeing the pattern unfurl is very satisfying, and it is definitely quicker than cross stitch or other forms of embroidery. I'd actually quite like to do another, maybe some cushions?
The dolphin latch hook kit could be used either as a rug or as a wall hanging, I decided to keep it as a rug, mostly because that was the easiest option. Throughout my teenage years and very early 20s it had it's place on my bedroom floor, just in front of the window and radiator. I carefully positioned it to avoid walking on it too much. Then when I bought a house several years ago, it finally followed me to Sheffield and once again was placed by the window, but this time in the living room so all could see. Unfortunately, it had my now had some red paint spilled on it, which I attempted to wash off as well as I could. Now the house is sold, and I will be moving soon, so it is time to part ways with it once more. Hopefully this temporary separation won't be for too long, and it may once again take pride of place in my old bedroom at my parents house.
Happy Rug Making!
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