Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Top 5 Products!

I'd like to say I'd been busy adding lots of my stock to my new Etsy Shop. The reality is, unfortunately, rather lacking. I have still managed to post an average of 1 item a day after the initial burst of activity last Wednesday, when my shop launched, and I currently have 13 items in stock. Unlucky for some, so I guess I'd best get busy enhancing my photography skills and developing my Etsy shop further. I have yet to add any of my key rings, and I have many more designs of my rings, earrings, pendants, hair clips and fridge magnets just waiting to pose for me. They are clamouring to be seen by the masses, and soon they will be. At night when I get home from my day job as a Cell Biologist, I whisper to them 'patience, you're turn is coming' before selecting a few to photograph for the next day's listings. Currently, my shop is full of some of my favourite items, many of them new designs, but here is my top 5 pick.

No 1:
There's something about my ladybird pendant that I love. i can't decide if it's just that ladybirds are one my favourite insects, or if it's the boldness of the design, or the 3D seed bead detail. It's probably all three!

No 2:
Cupcakes are fashionable at the moment, but they're also delicious, and that's why this cute earrings come in at my number 2. I love that the colours are turned around, with a hot pink case and blue icing instead of the more common blue case and pink icing. The seed bead decoration is the cherry on the cake! (ok, pun is intended!)

No 3:
Seeing smiles makes me smile, and with all of the rain we're having at the moment, I need something to brighten up my day! These cheerful chappies are certainly busy smiling away, and encourage anyone who sees them to do the same. After all, that is their job, they're smilies!  

No 4:
I'm not sure anyone is truly 'English' anymore; our history is riddled with invasions, be they upon us, or caused by us, we have met many many different races of people. As far back as the Vikings, and the Romans, to the British Empire, and more recent immigrants, I doubt any of us truly have English blood. After all, who doesn't like something that's exotic? I am still an English woman though, and proud to be one, despite all the things wrong with this country, after all, that's the case everywhere. As such, I am proud to wear my St Georges Flag ring.

No 5:
I love tulips. Along with daffodils, crocuses, and bluebells, are they one of the flowers that symbolise spring, and that means longer days, warmer nights and (just sometimes) less rain. The Tulip is embroidered rather than cross stitched, so it gives a different effect but is still bold and brilliant. And did I mention, Tulips come in all sorts of gorgeous colours!

What is your favourite item in my shop, or in your own? It's hard to choose, I love looking at Etsy and on Pinterest, the only trouble is tearing myself away from it all to stop and stitch!
Happy shopping!
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